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Our professional design and merchandising team has made the online furniture rental process easy for commercial entities requiring furniture. We have developed collections of rental furnishings that complement each other and add to the visual impact of individual rooms in any home, apartment, or condominium. Our carefully combined furniture rental collections are grouped among furniture design themes and include living room, dining room, and bedroom choices.

Carrsun Furniture Rental - Furniture PackagesIf you prefer to build your own furniture rental solution with individual pieces of furniture, you can do this as well. We have created an easy way for customers to choose individual furniture rental items so that they can create their own custom furniture rental solutions. Please review our gallery and take notes. After you choose your furniture rental solution and submit a request to our furniture concierge, we will return your call or email you promptly. Our furniture rental experts will set up the next steps with paperwork and furniture delivery with you so you or your customers can get set up quickly.

Short-Term Rental Furniture for Temporary Assignments

For professionals in any industry, the idea of taking a short-term assignment away from home can be challenging. As a consultant, a project manager, or a lawyer working on a short-term project away from home, or perhaps a visiting medical professional or professor working for a few months onsite. No matter what the situation, Carrsun Furniture Rental knows that living in a hotel room for a long period of time is not desirable when we need personalized space. To help ensure you’re comfortable during your stay, Carrsun Furniture Rental offers short-term rental furniture for apartments, homes, and other dwellings designed to appeal to the tastes and make the living space a fitting option.

With over two decades of experience in providing rental furniture for temporary assignments, Carrsun Furniture Rental has created a unique combination of high-quality furnishings and responsive service that is easy, effective, and designed to ensure customer satisfaction. Our job is to help you or your customer quickly get comfortable in your temporary living or working quarters, and we do so by offering a wide selection of home furniture rental sets, bedroom rental furniture, and houseware rental packages, which include everything from rugs, shower curtains, and bed linens to home electronics, hangers, and kitchen appliances.

Carrsun Furniture Rental provides an assortment of different furniture styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction through The Carrsun Promise and, after you’ve selected your new furnishings, delivery is usually accomplished in less than two business days and within your specified timeframe. We are professional and courteous in all stages of the rental experience and are here to make your short-term situation more comfortable today!

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